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Our Security Officers are interviewed, screened and selected to undergo the required training courses by PLRD. Upon completion of their training our Officers will undergo shadow training by our Operations Manager (OM) or Senior Security Officers (SSO) for a minimum of 3-5 days to understand Tiger Hong’s Mission, Vision and our Commitment to service. Upon receiving their PLRD license they will be deployed and provided “On The Job Training” (OJT) by our OM or SSO.

Our Officers are sent for both Security and Non-Security Courses related courses to provide them the required knowledge and skill sets to perform their task. We utilise 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with monetary rewards every quarter to spur them on to perform well in their duties. Our HR and Operations team also generate a Career Progression Plan (CPP) for each officer based on their performance and aspirations. We engage them periodically to provide feedback on their performance and conduct specific Security related refresher lessons.

We continue to advocate life long learning and encourage our officers to grow with us. Our Officers will abide by the Private Security Industry (PSI) Code of Conduct and carryout their duties to the best of his or her ability. We value and respect each of our Security Officer.

We also frequently recognize our Officers and reward them for their Commitment and Professionalism.