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Our Mission

To be the Most Reliable and Reputable Security Service Provider in Singapore. Our management has a combined total experience of 60 years’ in commercial security. Our objective is to turn our expertise into good use for the benefit of our clients.

Our goal is to provide a high level of Security service delivery to the benefit of all stakeholders. We will carry out a risk assessment of our own and work closely with the client to understand their needs to tailor our processes to ensure a holistic coverage in tandem with client expectations.

Service delivery will be at an optimum i.e. good security that promotes daily business continuity for client and their staff, easy accessibility for their staff, preferred visitors and business partners and of course keeping out undesirable influences from work site.

Our clients will feel a sense of satisfaction, the ground personnel will be motivated and the management will ensure continuity and high morale of the security personnel. We work closely with our business partners and clients to co-create impactful solutions to address the challenges of the future. Technology is a key player in revolutionising the Security Industry today to do more with less.


One of our strong points is that we are an established Security firm. We have always given credence to providing excellent service. You can expect us to be conscientious, meticulous, caring and willing to please. Moreover, our management is “top heavy” i.e. three experienced leaders. Therefore you can expect full attention from our management.

We have sustained a good track record for the past 25 years. We have honoured this achievement by complying fully with the respective legislative bodies governing the Security industry. Therefore, we serve you professionally without prejudice or any adverse publicity to the site or the client whilst ensuring our long-term stability and future.


Our business principle is ‘Do It Right The First Time.” By this we mean that we provide high quality security services with minimal or no errors so that our clients are satisfied. In our dealings with our officers, we ensure that they are always treated fairly and compensated in a timely, correct and appropriate manner. We will comply fully with the regulatory authorities governing security vendors. We are also committed to management participation in running of our assignments to ensure a comprehensive level of service to our clients. This will be complemented with regular dialogue and approval of client.


TIGER HONG SECURITY SERVICES & CONSULTANTS PTE LTD is committed to adding value to our clients by delivering product and service excellence. The Company operates Quality to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

The Management and Staff of


  • Consistently meeting clients satisfaction through providing service excellence
  • Responding quickly to all inquiries and invitations to quote.
  • Providing training on QMS awareness for all new employees.
  • Fostering an environment for continual improvement in all areas of the organization.
  • Continual improvement of QMS performance through monitoring and review of set objectives and targets.
  • Communicate this policy to all the persons working for or on behalf of TIGER HONG SECURITY SERVICES AND CONSULTANTS PTE LTD.