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G-Core is a comprehensive, flexible solution for managing data and video images. The user-friendly viewer interface guarantees simple and intuitive operation and can be set up individually according to the user’s needs. Manage individual locations or any number of sites by networking recorder and server systems while providing maximum protection for image data and employees.


This option enables the Vehicle Access Manager (VAM) in G-Core for controlling and documenting vehicle movements within an area. The vehicle master data (license plates, access authorisations, drivers, etc.) are recorded and can be called up in the form of reports for analysis purposes. This creates transparency regarding the number of vehicles and the length of stay. The option must be present on one of the G Core servers connected to the VAM.


The G-SIM management software is a perfect complement to the administration of your G-Core systems. Maintain an overview and control of all complex units, both locally and in globally distributed locations. All information of your Geutebrück system and all interfaced third-party systems are bundled to simplify the management of your data.

VCA advanced​

The VCA advanced option provides you with the complete range of functions – from counting to motion pattern detection. Counting streams of people with the help of the People Counting function or the recognition of movement patterns, e.g. the conspicuously long dwelling of people in certain areas. By means of logical linking of the individual features, the functions can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

G-Tect/Potective Equipment

The option based on artificial intelligence (AI) automatically detects in the video image whether your personnel are wearing the specified warning vests and/or protective helmets in the designated area. If one or both criteria are not meet, access to an automatic door locking system, for example, can be denied or a warning displayed.


This option enables comprehensive VMX video analysis. It is characterized by high precision and reliability. With a virtual 3D model of the area to be secured, objects can be detected with exact perspective and the false alarm rate reduced. This makes this video analysis particularly suitable for perimeter monitoring.

G-Tect/Perimeter +

Perimeter+ is a powerful, premium perimeter analysis solution for one camera channel at a time under G-ST. Perimeter+ combines the functions of a classic perimeter detector with the advantages of deep learning analysis for highly reliable detection of movements and categorization into person, vehicle and object. Complex surveillance constellations can be reliably implemented, especially in outdoor areas. The system reduces the false alarm rate to a minimum, operating costs are reduced, and the operator can focus on relevant alarms.

G-Health Monitoring Software

G-Health prevents system failures by a permanent function control. If a critical condition, such as a camera failure or a database error, is detected, the responsible administrators or maintenance technicians immediately receive a corresponding e-mail or a G-Health Alarm in their web interface, stationary or mobile and thus have the possibility to react before a failure occurs. 

G-Link Integration Server

With G-Link, it is possible to connect a large number of third-party systems (e.g. fire alarm systems or access control systems), thereby creating a complete and convenient system. It gives you the opportunity to integrate with several systems, using only one product.

By linking the data, you create direct added value. Protect your staff by connecting the fire alarm system with images to quickly and efficiently evaluate the situation before someone is on site. Or create additional security of your premises by storing video data in your access control system.


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